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Kračun d.o.o.
Slomškova ulica 6
3215 Loče



Company Kračun, limited liability company, was established in year 1993. Company owner and director is Mr. Alojz Kračun. Until 1998 company had one employee, today there are 53 employees.

The company is signed in a book of companys who have license to run projects signed in Slovenian chamer of Engineers and employs responsible engineering profession.

Company activities

  • To make projects and implementation of the trade equipement.
  • Delivery and assembly of cooling and neutral equipement for retail and wholesale trade
  • Cooling chambers and service of cooling equipement
  • Engineering and implementation of modern, high – tech energetic systems for retail stores with DANFOSS ADAP COOL regulation and exploitation of condensing heat for sanitary water and heating the facilities.
  • Production of projects for technical equipement for retail stores, coolers, meat industry, bakeries,…

In year 1999 we extend our company with…

  • Franchise retail store
  • Gas station
  • Car wash

In year 2004 we extend our business centre with

  • Penzion Kračun