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Cold chambers, freezing chambers cooling facilities

Thickness of termo isolation panels is from 80 mm to 200mm. Termo isolation panels are made of polyurethane. Use of panels is for wall isolation, ceilings isolation or for partition walls.

  • Floor isolation with styrofoam of thickness approximately 10 cm
  • All the attachements of panels are siliconised and sealed.
  • Cooling chambers have sanitary corner endings
  • Doors for cooling chambers can be run by hand or they are automated, without threshold. Doors can have a yet for slaughter track . Door frame is made of stainless plates, filled with with colored plates, door endings are heated with heaters.
  • Dynamic cooling with evaporator, electrical defrost system
  • Outflow of condens water to angle 1,5 m in chamber.
  • Valves and probe
  • Hardware and electrical instalations
  • Cooling chamber can be lighted with reflector light attached on switch or motion sensor.
  • An alarm notice is built in chambers if doors remain opened or something does not work well