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Supervision of cooling system and implemented parts

Our company provides you with the supervision system of DANFOSS ADAP COOL.

With DANFOSS ADAP COOL supervision regulation system you can save up to 20 % of energy. This data has been confirmed with measurements on few retail stores. This very precise regulation system gives us an option to save that much energy. The system reduces the difference between the presure in cooling system.

ADAP COOL SYSTEM offers you also distance or near by supervision over the whole cooling system. Supervision is possible also on the spot – in the shop.

The investor must provide telephone line, which gives us the option to connect our service office with your system based on required tecnical equipement. System gives us an option for direct control over each individual part in cooling process. Supervision reports an error on system on special telephone numbers, as GSM numbers of your maintainer, your service department and also our service department. In short time all the right persons gets the information as soon as possible. The system returns the data and is sending alarm until the error is fixed.

System DANFOSS M2 offers us an oportunity to supervise your cooling system from a distance with a help of SMS centre on set numbers. It gives you the option to check all the temeperatures and other parameters in one place. All the data can be also printed.

Computer control of cooling system with CAREL MASTERPLANT

The system provides us with an option to control and supervise all the electronic control units of boath cooling systems. In case of black out of computer system and control all the control units are working without stoping. Computer supervision allow us an automatic overview over history of cooling system, data printing, noticing of not allowed parameters.